I’m sorry, I can’t do that #atozchallenge

Have you ever woken up dreading the day because you’ve got no way to know what to do to get caught up?

Ever felt like everything was too much of an effort, and it doesn’t matter, cause you’ve already failed, and never get caught up?

Yeah, that’s how things are for both of us here at Fandoms, unfortunately.

… End Program…

Both Deirdre and I live with different health challenges, but the last few weeks have been especially tough. We wanted to come back to Fandoms, get to writing, sharing our thoughts and more, but we’re in the middle of the month and neither of us (well, mostly me, cause Deirdre did a lot of the start of the month!) are enjoying getting blogs up daily. We’re so out of practice that it’s like jumping back in with both feet to something where it’s already running (did that once on a treadmill, it’s not clever).

We’ll be catching up and eventually posting everything we planned, but unfortunately, we’re on another failed A to Z. And the lesson from this is we might be writing content a bit futher in advance next time. We’ll still be reading others though. It’s been a year of it for both of us, and I, especially feel bad that we’re stopping here, for now, but, we’ve learned from this, so it’s not all bad, I guess.

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Kai is a veteran writer with many years of experience under her belt. At 40, she's having a lot of fun being a geek and playing games, and watching all her favorite things and writing about them. When not blogging or researching for the blog, Kai can be found writing her books, looking after the server and generally messing around with the blog and it's envrions. She also formats books and designs apps, knits and has a strong interest in cyber security and info-sec.


  1. It’s okay! You didn’t fail the challenge. It’s not really about winning or failing. I really enjoyed reading your posts, and I’ll visit back whenever you post more! It is mentally hard right now for everyone. Take some time, treat yourselves, I hope you will feel better soon 🙂

    The Multicolored Diary

    • oh, if another person said to me ‘I’ve failed’, I’d be saying the same as you, but I’m not sure why, my brain doesn’t do the same compassionate stuff.
      I am basically using this though, to find new reads, as the AtoZ is always great for that, and I’ll have more time to explore and comment.

    • Arg, new keyboard went before I could finish.Deirdre and I really love doing these, but I guess we’ll talk about it at some point, we both have major health challenges that we try to scoot round, but both of us need to adjust. I’m the stubborn one and go ‘yaaaaah, let’s do this! We’re better now!’ and she goes ‘ok, I think you’re gonna…mind the…oh, there’s the wall. You ok?’ cause I go charging off like a puppy off the lead and collide with stuff.
      Learning is never a wasted opportunity, but I still feeel horrible. But we’ll be here more regularly, and thank you for visiting 🙂

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