G is for Games Workshop #atozchallenge

Ciaphas Cain, a game character from the Warhammer Universe

It often comes as a shock to people, but I’m a huge Games Workshop fan. I’ve been playing since I was…nine or ten, so for over 30 years. I make running jokes about how Harlequinn’s Kiss was nerfed, and enjoy a lot of the background (I really don’t agree with calling it fluff at this point).

I might not play as much as my boys now, but I’m a huge Sisters of Battle collector (I’m about to restart them now actually), and I read and enjoy the games on the PC and consoles too. I once even made my own custom Celestine. ANd I’ve worked for another gaming company in Nottingham. I’m a true gamer gal, but instead of talking about that, I wanted to talk about GW.
Plus, when they were being made by Fantasy Flight, we loved the board games.


I guess the most akward thing about gaming – for me at least – was that I’d walk into the store to go play (or to the club) and everyone would go quiet…and stare. It doesn’t happen as much now, but I could tell some real horror stories about my time gaming. Games Workshop (well, Citadel Minatures and Heroquest really) were my ‘gateway game’, and while I moved off onto Dungeons and Dragons and World of Darkness, I’ve always had a soft spot for both Warhammer, and moreso, Warhammer 40k. I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t happen any more, but it happens less 😉
I don’t play the tabletop game as much as I used to, but both my son and husband do, so I get to hear about it, a lot.

(if you’ve seen a live in my office, the glass cabinets behind me are 90% his models.)

Then there’s the books

My absolute favourite books right now are the Ciaphas Cain books. They are insanely funny – and I think it’s because he’s such an unreliable narrator that makes it so entertaining. There are so many books though, so there’s something for everyone that likes sci-fi or fantasy. But Ciaphas… he’s brilliant.

And games….oh the games

We’ve got all of the computer games – from Xbox to computer, we’ve got almost all of them. Dawn of War, through to Total Warhammer, we’re avid gamers. We’re currently playing ChaosBane on the Playstation and laughing our asses off. It’s a ‘diablo’ style game, so it’s just perfect for picking up and walking away from.

ANd if that wasn’t enough….I’ve got a small tip about the games.
If you get a copy of White Dwarf issue 462, there’s an all in one Steam code which unlocks 12 of their games on the PC/Mac (Steam Platform). There’s other stuff in there that makes it worth it, but if you’re on the fence about whether to try the magazine, I recommend grabbing that one.

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