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Normally, I wouldn’t review a series until it was complete, but Falcon and Winter Soldier has been running for three of it’s six weeks and I feel fairly confident in discussing some of it, such as it’s quality and the storyline.

Except…can I?

We are three weeks in at the point of this blog post – and there’s a lot of spoilers in the things I have to say about it. We’ve got a ‘new’ Captain America (played by Kurt Russel’s son, Wyatt (and my goodness, he looks like his dad!)) and accompanied by BattleStar. Unlike Steve Rogers, he’s not a ‘super soldier’ – in fact, it’s heavily suggested that he’s a completely unaugmented human.
The problem with him of course is he’s not Steve.

The story so far…

I guess if we go all the way back to freeing Bucky, who has turned from Winter Soldier to White Wolf now (and it is mentioned in passing, much to Sam/Falcon’s shock), and his character arc, he’s dealing with major PTSD, flashbacks and guilt over what he’d done while programmed. Sam, meanwhile, doesn’t feel worthy of the shield, so hands it over and goes back to being Falcon.
Suddenly, out of nowhere (well, not really, it’s kinda explained by episode three) there are supersoldiers – eight of them – who are kicking ass and taking names. It turns out, before the ‘Blip’ someone was already researching it.

Zimo also makes his mark in this arc, and annoyingly, is far more charismatic than he has every right to be. And of course, he’s now being tracked by someone from Wakanda, for his crimes against the nation.

If that wasn’t complex enough, Kate/Agent 15/ Samantha Carter (not related to Peggy, I don’t think), pops up again, and where I left it, they’d been fighting their way around a pirate city with less laws than anywhere else, that had popped up post blip as a free place to ‘be’, in Madripoor. I have a feeling the story she’s given them isn’t as straight forward.

Six episodes…not enough…

I mean, yes, it gets us Loki faster, but Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been amazing so far. The opposites/odd couple vibe from Sam and Bucky is absolutely spot on. It’s also approaching a lot of the ‘lower staked’ stuff that couldn’t really be touched on in Endgame – what happened when people vanished, how people survived (barely, in most cases), and more of the stuff that was ‘everyday’ but still unspoken. I still think there’s not enough of time in the episodes to do everything that’s being set up.

Then…there’s the supersoldiers

I’m not sure how this is going to play out, but it looks like people have been experimented on, or given something to try and unbalance the world.

Mostly though, at three episodes in, I don’t think there are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ guys, even though there’s a lot of questionable stuff going on. Much like Wandavision, I think they’re playing stuff under the table. Who knows.

I’ll revisit and do a proper review – but how are you finding Falcon and the Winter Soldier so far?

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  1. I think they established Agent Carter as Peggy’s niece (or grand-niece?) in one of the movies.
    I am enjoying this show a lot 🙂 I know it had to be re-cut severely because the original storyline included a pandemic and they felt it was too close to home.
    Also, a surprising amount of people complained that ‘the new Captain is not likable’ – do people not get that’s the entire point? 😀

    The Multicolored Diary

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