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Battlegrounds, by Jim Butcher is the 17th book in the Dresden Files, and is a two-part release of this year, which started with Peace Talks, in early 2020. It followed a long haitus after Skin Game, which was an epic heist novel.

Peace Talks and Battle Ground are an epic saga, split over two books. Jim talked about why, but I’ve got to be honest, I thought that splitting the books kind of, might have weakened them in some ways. Because the book has spoilers, I’ve put it under the read more tag. Which I hope works on all browsers, if not, I apolgise in advance.

Harry’s in trouble

Harry’s in trouble – as always. At least we can sorta say the world is on fire and it’s not his fault. Spoilers ensue.

So. The book opens with Thomas finding out and sharing with Harry that Justine is pregnant, and how scared he is. Issues ensue, and as usual, Harry handles it the same way as he does (complex and complicating everything – I mean, seriously, all he needs to do is to tell the Blackstaff that Thomas is also Maggie’s son, and therefore his grandson. Though, of course, that may come out now, cause of Justine and the Nemesis and the stuff surrounding the end of the book.

Battle Ground is one great big battle. A battle to protect friends, a battle to say goodbye, a battle to understand light and dark, and deal with the fall out.

Peace Talks and Battle Ground are unfortunately unbalanced, but I think, in part, that was to do with the way the book was split. The story arc for Thomas was interesting, as was the long term reveal about Justine, but I’m not sure that I’ve got all of it, and I read it twice.

The real reason for the spoiler tag

Two major things that I *did not like* happened in the book, both of which were devastating and difficult to deal with on differnet levels. The first is Murphy was killed. By Rudolph.
It’s not actually the meaningless death many people talk about when discussing this element of the book – I’m sure there’s a setup coming (especially as she chose to go with Odin, rather than Mr Sunshine (Uriel), but I didn’t like it.

The second was that there’s someone else running around with a Denarian.
And he’s not exactly seeming to have fallen to it, and quite honestly, I always considered him more powerful than Nicodemus.

Peace Talks and Battle Ground are books, I think that with the next couple of books will make more sense of. They’re not as good as Skin Games was, but they are good books.

I give it 3.5 stars out of five.

What did you think of the books?

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    • As I said in the American Gods review, the show vs book for Dresden Files is why I never hold the media too close to the published novel. It’s just asking for trouble.

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