Pre-A-to-Z – a sneak peek

When Deirdre and I decided we were going to try for A to Z again this year, we had to work out what we were writing. Because we’ve both been in various versions of lockdown in both the UK and the US, we’ve binged – a lot! But we’ve also read and played a lot of games (games are moreso me than Deirdre for videogames, while we’re both very boardgame active) for obvious reasons.
And while we had to stretch to find everything to fit the stuff to go in each letter, this year, the debate has actually ben about which goes with each letter, so after the A to Z, we’ll be sharing the extras. We’re just using the AtoZ to plan the ones we can write πŸ˜‰

Narrowing it down

One of the major issues we’ve had has been how to narrow it down. In most cases, we’ve decided based on the ones that spoke to us the most, or the ones we want to talk about the most. I’ll be discussing Battlegrounds by Jim Butcher (so if you’ve not read it yet, spoilers), and the wider Dresdenverse, while Deirdre has some very firm opinions on the new TV serialization of The Stand (where I gave up after one episode). We’ve also decided that we’ll be talking about the third season of American Gods (which I have very specific opinions on), Falcon and the Winter Soldier (though, it’ll only be to date, as it won’t be finished at that point) The Haunting of Bly Manor, Locke and Key (both by Deirdre), The Mandalorian(Kai), The Queen’s Gambit(Deirdre), Star Wars Rebels, The Witcher, and Wandavision (all by Kai), just as a sneak peek of what we’ve got planned.

At the end of the A to Z, we’ll let you know what we didn’t choose, and eventually link them in the posts for those days, as there’s quite a lot on our lists.
And as this marks us both being well enough to resume blogging and (touch wood) our families being settled and well again, we’ll be blogging here a couple of times a week about fandom, and maybe building some specific sites around some enduring stuff that we’d like to do wider discussions around.

Looking forward

Every year, we really enjoy the AtoZ challenge, and always love making friends too! We’ve made so many good friends, and we’ll be working on another project which links into this one πŸ™‚
See you tomorrow!

And finally…

We’ve just designed a cute logo for our site – what do you think?

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