The ‘These Our Fandoms’ #bloggingfromatoz challenge 2021!

*shuffles feet*

Here at These our Fandoms, we’ve had a few years that we’ve looked at and gone…eh…no. 2020 was no exception.
I mean, many of us want to escape 2020 – though, I’ll be honest, it has meant there have been upsides in fandoms – we’ve been able to binge books and series’.
I can’t really comment on Derdrie’s year, but mine hasn’t been exactly excellent, but, as this is the first post since the last time I was here, in case you don’t follow me elsewhere, I’ll just very quickly share the good news.

My son’s three kidney adventure ended with a great outcome. He’s got a huge scar, but his kidneys are fine. All normal function, and happy. He’s still talking about getting the tattoo. More on that another time though.

So. I’d love to announce the Theme for our Fandom AtoZ challenge 2021.

Our theme this year is….

Fandoms. As ever!

We’ve been talking about all the things we’ve watched and read 🙂 We’ve both got…opinions 😉

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    • I think we’re going pretty diverse. Announcing some tonight, but so far, we’re talking books, TV adaptations (actually, quite a few of them), a couple of games.. it’s looking really awesome, I hope!
      Thanks for visiting!
      Kai and Deirdre

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