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Ah, there’s so much I can say about Killjoys, but I think the most important thing is it’s unexpected.  Unlike most sci-fis, it’s important to highlight that Killjoys is very much exposition ‘this happens in reaction to that’ style of telling and character driven.  And I only watched up to Season 3, and I understand there’s 2 more seasons.
Basically though, Killjoys was a bounty hunting team that started lighthearted, and got…strange, fast.  And sometimes that’s in a good way…this time though, I’m not sure it was.  Killjoys is one of those shows that represents something I’ve committed to rewatching to discuss, so consider this post initial reflections.  It is also one of the few that we’re commenting on that one of us hasn’t finished, even through it’s completely available.

The Seasons…

Season 1 introduces us to a kind of off the wall set of bounty hunters – two brothers – one muscly, one intelligent (typical typecasting, in many ways) and their boss, a feisty woman called Dutch. D’avin is the muscle-bound, straitlaced soldier, while Jonny is the tech savvy, bound to some stuff but not always happy about it, will muddle through and bend the rules if he has to.  Dutch…she’s the odd one.  She’s always the one taking the bounties, she’s the one with the rep, but she’s also the one with the most secrets to hide, the most to lose, and, once you get past the rocky start, things get so much better, so much cleaner – so much more interesting.

One of the most important things to talk about in all of this is that the overtones of Firefly and the weird stuff going on isn’t anyone’s imagination.  Dutch is a trained warrior of sorts, and an experiment…and a pile of other things.  So, while she’s very unconvincing – at first – as the baddass team leader that she’s portrayed as.

Where it gets ropey…

D’avin is taken somewhere in the middle of the a season, and treated with some of the same things as they wanted to experiment with on Dutch, and it’s pretty vague why, other than ‘super soldiers’.  I may have completely misunderstood the timeline by that point, as I was more distracted by the fact Jinxy from Warehouse 13 was running around, and hang on isn’t he also in X-Men (turns out no, it’s while watching Killjoys that I discover Aaron, who plays both Jinxy and Jonny has a twin brother, one inch taller than him, that is in X-Men – Shaun Ashmore.).  Aaron, however, is also in Locke and Key, so I can’t complain.
Anyway… they fight, D’avin is kidnapped, there’s a whole lot of weird stuff, and then Season 3 ends with people trying to steal memories and stupid stuff.

Will I watch Season 4 and 5?

I’m honestly not sure.  I loved the lightheartedness of season 1 and 2, before it got silly, but Season 3 became part of the reason I wasn’t sure I would go back to it.  It is on the UK Prime though, so I might.
Anyone got any feedback as to whether it’s worth it?

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