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Haven can be described as a supernatural police mystery show, but that doesn’t do it justice. This is another show that critics did not particularly like, but fans generally do. In my opinion, most critics that review these kinds of shows just don’t like supernatural, fantasy, or science fiction in the first place. Or they are idiots – take your pick.

For those who have not seen this show, first, my condolences. Haven takes place in a small town in Maine named Haven – no surprise there. Haven is a special place, although no one, at first, knows why. Strange things happen in Haven, and they are all related, somehow, to people – generally those who’s families have been there for a long time. These strange things are called troubles.

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Early in the show, troubles are the secret that everyone knows about, but no-one speaks of. That makes it difficult for Audrey Parker, an out-of-town FBI agent. Without being coached or offered explanations, she catches on about these strange things, and feels driven to help the people. She has excellent instincts on how to help the people, even though it is well established at the beginning of the show that her people skills are somewhat lacking.

Haven, how I love thee, let me count the ways

  1. The opening and closing credits music. The violin music in the opening is both haunting and full of energy, priming you for the atmosphere of the show. The piano theme at the end is haunting and sad, and perfect. However, Netflix usually cuts it off.
  2. Snark. From the moment Audrey and Nathan meet, they have a fantastic relationship. Audrey’s car is teetering on the edge of a cliff. Nathan shows up and asks if she needs any help. Audrey says no, she has everything in hand. Nathan appears to walk off… it’s great.
  3. The troubles are often rather unusual and interesting. Creative. The writers obviously put some good thought toward how to mess with peoples lives.
  4. It never takes itself too seriously. There are times when the show kind of takes things a bit too far, but they acknowledge it and just keep going.
  5. References to fan culture are riddled throughout the show, and it always feels wonderful to catch them.
  6. The characters, of course. I love all the primary characters. The good ones, at least. The bad ones are also done well, but there is one, in the last season… to avoid spoilers I’ll only say that the part was well cast, and suits the actor beautifully.

As you can see, I am truly a fan of Haven. It provides something that I think people could really use right now – light-hearted yet thoughtful and creative entertainment that can really catch you up and make the hours fly by.

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