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I put off trying this show out for quite a while, because the premise really didn’t interest me. A bunch of people waking up on a ship with no memories of who they were? It seemed kind of lame. But, what with Coronavirus and all, one starts to take chances with one’s viewing choices. I’m glad that I did!

The first episodes weren’t all that great – not bad, but not fantastic. They continue to grapple with who they are, and learn that they may not have been very nice people (Massive understatement). For me, the show started getting a lot more interesting after the crew chose to embrace their new personas over their old personalities. They even continue calling themselves by the names they chose upon waking which, were simply numbers, according to the order in which they woke up from stasis.

Even after they do learn who they really are, there are surprises along the way. Fully half the crew are not quite what who or what they were thought to be, even after learning all they think they need know about themselves. For me, that really made the show more interesting. Even in season three, I’m still learning more about the characters. I finally understand why they started with the wiped memories – it allows for the crew to view each other as family, in a way that would not have been possible if they knew their personal histories from the beginning.

Of course, the show isn’t all about character development, there is a lot going on in the universe. Corporations rule almost everything, and they don’t play well with others. It is often difficult to tell who to trust, or more importantly, who would stand to profit from different possible outcomes.

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The show has some interesting tech as well, which is far different from the traditional sci-fi ships. Of course, they have the traditional faster-than-light (FTL) drive, but they also have a prototype Blink drive, which is the focus of many episodes. Transfer transit pods are another unique piece of tech. They allow a person to enter one, and choose a destination at which a clone of themselves is rapidly created. The clones only last a few days, and if the clone is destroyed before re-entering the transfer transit pod, all memories of the clone are lost. This intriguing bit of tech opens up a lot of possibilities.

I’m only part way through the third season, but for me, it just keeps getting more enjoyable. One caveat – the show, which was being aired on SyFy, was cancelled after the third season, without warning or reasonable cause. The ratings were good, but as it was not an original SyFy production, they apparently couldn’t monetize it as much as they would have preferred. So, it was all about greed. Typical.

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