Looking back on the #AtoZ2019challenge

Now that the AtoZchallenge for 2019 is over, I just thought I’d do a quick retrospective 🙂

A for Arkham Horror talked about the first Arkham Horror board game
B for Babylon 5 talked about the TV show Babylon 5
C for Caprica touched on the show Caprica
D for Dune talked about the books and Dune Movies (and we’re excited to see what happens with the new reboot!)
E for Eldrich Horror touched on the Eldrich Horror game
F for Firefly talked about our love for the Firefly show
G for Game of Thrones introduced our love for a great show, and we’re working on setting up a whole blog for it.
H for Heroes talked about the original series and specifically the first seasons of the show.
I for Infinity Stones speculates a bit on Endgame and talks about Thaons, the Mad Titan
J is for Jumanji – the original movie
K is for Killers – maybe an odd fandom choice, but I’m very interested in serial killers.
L is for Lexx – an off the wall sci-fi show with a cult following
M is for Mansions of Madness, another favorite #game of the team
N is for Nightwatch, a brilliant Terry Pratchett book
O is for Orville, a comedy/sci-fi show that is actually more than it looks on the surface
P is ‘all things punk‘ – talking about cyber, steam and other styles of ‘punk’ writing
Q is for Questioning the future – an essential part of sci-fi fandoms
R is for Red Dwarf – another comedy/sci-fi story, though it’s one of the best out there
S is for Star Trek – the doorway to televisual sci-fi for both of us, really
T is for The umbrella Academy – Spoilers, though not many, about the new Netflix show
U is for Stargate Universe – talking about the short lived story of SGU.
V is for Voyager, and how I didn’t really like it
W is for Westworld, which we both really do like!
X is for Crossovers (yes, I cheated) and talking about the Arrowverse mostly!
Y is Yesterday versus tomorrow – examining history’s impact on our story writing
Z is for Zombies!  Nuff said!

We had a great time writing 13 posts each for the challenge, and we had a blast sharing with you.  The blog will settle into a less intense pattern of publishing, I guess, in the next few weeks, but thank you for coming along for the ride!

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