Zombies! #AtoZChallenge

I wouldn’t say I’m exactly obsessed with zombies, but, well, I kind of am.  And for our final A-Zchallenge post, I thought I’d talk about Zombies, because though I’ve got very few books out about them, it’s actually one of the main things I write about.

So, I thought I’d talk about some of my favorite zombie franchises, and maybe a little bit about my upcoming projects.

In books

What can I say about books?  There are so many good ones out there, but I think my favorite has to be World War Z.  It had a novel layout, and is in diary format, and talks about the aftermath of the War, looking back over how it started, where it (probably) started, and the aftermath.
Another that I really enjoy is by a local to me author called Adam Baker.  His four series of Zombie books (OUTPOSTJUGGERNAUTTERMINUS and IMPACT) are favorites of mine that I go back and read, again and again.  I’ve always said I love his sparse prose, and the four books are almost movie-like in their execution.

I’m always reading new, great zombie books though, so there are always more coming up into my view.


Where I loved the book World War Z, I could take or leave the movie.  My second favorite Zombie movie has to be Dawn of the Dead.  Dead Snow and other ones in the shclocky genre are also favorites of mine.  But if I had to choose just one zombie movie to recommend to people, I’d say ‘Zombieland’ in a heartbeat.  Much like another movie I love (which also has zombies), Cabin in the Woods, it just subverts everything you think you know about the genre, and isn’t afraid to take the mickey out of itself.


Board games I love include Dead of Winter, Zombiecide and Last night on Earth.  They don’t quite compare to Mansions of Madness, but they come close.
Videogames…I’ve played so many – Resident Evil being a standout, but my favorite has to be ‘the Last of Us’.  It’s amazingly atmospheric, and literally broke me at the end, it was so sad.

And TV?

iZombie, Santa Clara Diet, and the first few seasons of the Walking Dead stand out for me, though to be honest, I watch much less straight zombie stuff.  There are also zombies in Game of Thrones though, so that has to be mentioned in here too šŸ˜‰

What about you?  What are your favorites in the huge and amazing genre, which spans so much?

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