V is for Voyager #AtoZchallenge

Ah, Voyager.  For me, it’s Star Trek’s disappointment, and while I know some people won’t agree with me, just hear me out. I’m not sure how this post will go down, but I really don’t like some sci-fi.  Mostly because the premise looks so promising, and it lets me down.

Sci-fi with promise

The thing with Voyager was it held such promise.  Thrown into space, away from the Alpha Quadrant, into a place where they have to rely on themselves, the dichotomy could have been brilliant.  And with Neelix and some other characters involved too were amazing.  But…

But.  It’s the buts, as always.  Quite honestly, my biggest issue was how often Voyager came out of everything looking pristine. And Janeway was basically the ‘deux ex machina’ button, constantly.  While I loved that she was a strong woman, leading a crew out 75 years at warp speed beyond help, the fact that they were constantly talking about, but rarely experienced real hardship that wasn’t miraculously solved at some point bothers me. I’m not sure if it was meant to be that way, but Janeway’s habit of always knowing what to do, never doubting herself, and worst of all, breaking the temporal directive, made me really annoyed. I thought the Doctor’s holographic emitter was more than a little ridiculous too – all of that tech, and they didn’t know how to do that?  Please… the holosuites could have been adapted, or…or…or…

And it’s wierd, because thinking about it, looking back on it, Voyager has niggles that I don’t like, and it’s not that there were huge, glaring issues.  But I didn’t enjoy it enough that I feel strongly either way, now that I’m multiple years passed the last watching.  I guess that’s what annoys me the most – that it didn’t stick with me like the other shows, that it didn’t fulfil the promise of the first episode.

Beyond them though, Voyager had the potential to be so much darker, and so much stronger, and it just…wasn’t.  Compared to Deep Space Nine, or TNG, Voyager held place in my view of the universe only just above the first three seasons of Enterprise, which I disliked even more.Star-Trek-Voyager-Season-4

That’s not to say I didn’t watch them all, because I did.  And there were some highlights.  Q being the biggest one of them.  His interactions with the crew were some of the most worthwhile elements of the show (though, again, my absolute favorite interaction with Q and another captain is when he encounters Sisko).  Some of the harder questions and issues that were tackled were good too, though I didn’t really feel that the Borg were used to their full potential in some ways.

It’s not, in the end that Voyager is actually a terrible show – it’s not.  It’s just that the promise it held was never met.  And that’s such a waste, given how amazing the Trek universe can be.

I’m sure I’m in the minority here – so, what do you think?


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  1. I did enjoy Voyager – a lot, actually. But I’m not here to throw stones – I felt about Deep Space Nine the way you do about Voyager. That’s part of the fun of the Trek universe – the variety and the differences.

    Just two more letters to go now!

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