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When we talked about what to write about, I instantly said our I had to be Infinity Stones.  Since Iron Man, and the beginning of what we now know as the MCU, ten years ago, we’ve been building to Infinity Wars, and now, Endgame.  And while this post will not touch heavily on EndGame (there will be a review later!), I do instead want to talk about the Infinity Stones themselves, and maybe a bit about the Infinity Wars.


Why the Infinity Stones are important…

Ever since we started seeting Thanos, it’s been clear the Mad Titan had an obsession with Infinity Stones, one of which was almost hidden in plain sight (which is later explained, sorta, in Captain Marvel), which is the Tesseract.  Yep, the blue cube that first appeared in Captain America was an Infinity Stone.
Really, the importance of them, and more hints about Thanos started to hit in Guardians of the Galaxy (one of my all time favorite MCU movites), and another stone turned up then, as did some cut scenes dealing with Thanos, bost talking to Ronan the Accuser, who wanted a second stone that the Guardians had to start destroying those who stood against him.  What started as a rag-tag team of people trying to survive because they were all thrown together were actually a pivotal plot point for Infinity Wars, and what was more amazing, they knew it.

As the years and movies rolled on, more stones turned up, and oddly, one more was on Earth (Dr Strange’s Time Stone).  Another creates The Vision from JARVIS, at the end of Age of Ultron.  Basically, had they looked on Earth sooner, we’d all have been screwed.

Thanos, the Mad Titan

Thanos is determined to have all  the stones so that he can eliminate half of the Universe.  Infinity Wars deals with that, or at least the first half.  He says it’s because there are no resources for everyone, so, the only fair way, as he sees it, is to get all of the stones together, and eliminate everyone.  So that he can have ‘his’ peace.  It sounds innocuous, and a bit noble on the surface, but the Mad Titan doesn’t consider anything other than his wants.
He is so obsessed with this goal, that he’s dominated, subjgated, killed to the same pattern and at the end he takes it to the point that he sacrifices something that he claims is more important to him than anything else, which was a bit of a shock.  I think more shocking was the fact that we looped all the way back round to Captain America and the Red Skull was there for that point.  Spoiler – if you haven’t seen it yet, and you’ve been living under a rock, it doesn’t end well for our superheroes, and there are a lot of deaths.  The penulatimate scenes were set in Wakanda, so all of the newer bits of the Universe were all intergrated (and going forward, it looks like Captain Marvel will be too), so it was a very satisfying, if a movie that makes many of us scream ‘too soon’.avengers-infinity-war-thanos-infinity-gauntlet-1018561-1280x0-640x357.jpeg

So, the Infinity Stones are part of the next movie, and possibly the whole future for the MCU.  How do you think it’ll end?

We don’t have long to go….

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