G is for Game of Thrones #atozchallenge

G is for Game of Thrones, which should be followed by H, for heartbreak. If you haven’t read the books or seen the shows, do not read this post, as I have no idea how to discuss it at all without including spoilers. I’ll be covering the TV series instead of the books. I had intended to read the books, but then George R.R. Martin quit turning them out in a timely manner, and I figured the show was a big enough source of heartbreak, I didn’t need to add an unquenched need for the next books to my life.

We didn’t see the first couple of seasons as they aired, but the first episode of season 3 played on a different channel, as a hook to draw in unsuspecting fans, and we started paying for HBO and bought the previous seasons on DVD. Life hasn’t been the same since.

Loves and hates…

At least once a year we have a family conversation centered on who our current favorite characters are. First season, my favorite was Eddard Stark. Sigh… After that, it became more difficult to choose. I’ve always liked Aria Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrian Lannnister, and Daenerys, Targaryen, and my favorite is always one of them.

My son hated Daenerys for a while, both the character and the acting, but we recently learned that the actress, Amelia Clark, suffered two brain aneurisms and aphasia after the first season, so that’s explained. Her character did, however, make some pretty bad decisions. Sam Tarly has also become a favorite – I’m hoping that he really will become a wizard.

As for our most hated characters, there are so many to choose from! Occasionally, good people do bad things, but in general, bad people are BAD! Shouting intended. The only thing that makes up for having to witness their evil actions is watching the creative ways that they are brought down. It should be interesting to see what they dream up for Cersei Lannister. And who will kill her? Aria? Tyrion? Jamie Lannister? Or someone we wouldn’t expect at all? It’s got to be someone, if that woman lives in the end, I will never re-watch the series again.

As for characters dying, there sure is a lot of that, good and bad. Sometimes it seems as though new characters are introduced for the sole purpose of capturing our hearts, and then crushing them. I really liked the Viper.

The final season!

And now with the final season coming up, we have to figure out a way to get HBO, as it was removed from our provider. I wish we had a better internet connection, then we could just buy the app. And we simply have to get it, because we have to see what happens! Who will become king or queen of Westeros? Will it even be brought back under one rule, or split up? It’s rumored that the ending will be bittersweet… so what the heck does that mean? And how exactly did Tyrion get Cersei to at least pretend to accept the truce? Did he promise her something terrible? The way he looked when he saw Jon going into Daenerys’ room makes me fear that he sold Jon out – I hope I’m wrong. If I’m right, that bittersweet ending could be the death of one of them.

Arg, I need answers!

In the coming months, look out for our retrospective, episode discussions and more. We’ll both be blogging on our favourite and no so favourite bits, and will warn you if there are spoilers!

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  1. I love Got and I think your posts are great. You’ve inspired me to start blogging! Do you have any advice? Is your host any good?
    I hope Cersee gets her cone uppance too. I think it’ll be the Mountain – is that a subtle hint in the photo?!

    • Honestly I’m just learning how to blog myself, I have to thank Kai for patiently teaching me. I fact, this is the very first response that I am attempting. So I would suggest you talk to a friend who blogs, and beg advice. And I think it is really cool that you are thinking of blogging yourself.

      As for the greatly anticipated death of Cersei, I hadn’t considered The Mountain… is he even capable of disobeying her? He seems kind of like her slave. But isn’t thinking of possibilities fun?

      • If he can reanimated then possess the corpses of those he has killed, it might be like Bran and him possessing things? It’s called worging or wagging or something.
        The Mountain is neither alive, nor exactly dead, at least that was what I thought. It’s possible. Haha!
        Kai (i’m guessing you mean the other blogger on here) is nice to help – I haven’t got friends to ask. I think I might go on WordPress.com and start learning. I want to do episode summaries – recaps? But i worry about spoilers…

  2. I predict that Jon Snow will know nothing at the end, but will be last man standing. Cersci will fall to her btother, who seems to be becoming more moral…maybe. I think Danerys will join her Droghn, the one taken by the night king, and that Tyrion is the third Targarian. And Sam will be made Meister of the nights watch and will have to choose between his girlfriend and baby and his dream job.

    • Jon Snow may know nothing, but Aegon Targaryen might have a clue! I’d love to see Jaime take out his sister. Question though, will there even be a Nights Watch after the Night King is dead?

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