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Today, I’m going to talk about one of my most favorite shows in the world, and one that I came to very late, based on when other people watched it.
It was 2006, I think, and I’d avoided Firefly right up until that point. Every single one of my new friends, who I’d met through my partner since 2004, had watched it. Most of them RAVED about it.
I’m a bit less committed to watching things that people *rave* about – I often find that they let me down, and though I can’t explain why, I usually find that I’m not as excited about things as people, and that then leaves me feeling bad. So, I avoided it.

That was my first mistake.

Firefly’s Season One trailer…

A show I return to again and again…

Firefly has it all – a great plot, a solid story and character arc (though some of it had to be answered out with the TV show and Serenity, the movie), and the characters themselves were amazing. It was funny, it was interesting, it was dramatic, it was sad. Mostly I have to say, I found a lot of it dry and funny.
My favorite episode is Our Mrs Reynolds – Nathan Fillion, who plays Malcolm Reynolds is ‘married’ in payment for services on the planet, and it turns out that things aren’t what they seem. It did however lead to one of my top exchanges in any show, ever.
Shepard Book, who is a religious man, who began travelling with them, and stayed aboard (and who also isn’t what he seems) tells Mal that taking advantage of the ‘innocent’ Saffron Reynolds will result in him being sent to ‘the special hell’.

Shepard Book’s Special Hell…

Of course it’s not as it seems…

I won’t spoil it, but Saffron isn’t as she seems, and the twist makes some of the crew dynamics change, subtly. And it was just dammed funny.

The negatives

Other than no season two? I didn’t experience it, because I watched it on DVD, but the TV scheduled showing was apparently out of order. And while many things were either *sort of* or wholly sorted out in Serenity (like the Reavers genesis), others had to be resolved in comics or graphic novels, or answered by Joss Wheadon or other writers during various con appearances.

Does it contend with Babylon 5, Star Trek etc?

I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. Yes, it’s sci-fi, but it’s a Sci-fi with old West and cowboy sensibilities. They speak Mandarin too, in places, which allows them to swear without many complaints. It was very unique and yet, had many familiar, and dare I say it, Joss Weadon, and Tim Minear features, as executive producers, and Joss Weadon as a writer. And that’s not exactly a bad thing. The BAD thing? It was canceled after one season. And there were murmurings that it was to do with Joss himself, or that the cast didn’t want to do it. Officially, it was a numbers game, which was odd, because another of the shows that Joss Weadon later went on to create, Dollhouse, got it’s second season (another great show!), so it’s hard to say if that’s really true. Whatever happened, it was canceled, but it DID get a movie (Serenity). And that movie broke many of us, leading to many cries of ‘too soon’ when discussing the fate of various characters. One in particular, I guess. It didn’t help that he was joint favorite with Inara. *sobs*.

Notable appearances?

A VERY young (looking) Mark Shepard as Badger, a con-man and small time hood that they occasionally work for. His most famous role so far, for me has been Crowley in Supernatural.
Summer Glau as River Tam – she went on to do so much more, but has had less of an active career than many believed she should have.
And you can’t get away from it, Nathan Fillion went on to Castle, and The Rookie and some other really cool stuff after Firefly.

I wish I hadn’t avoided it, but enjoying it with friends was unmissably good, and a lot of fun. And I still go back and watch it, when I need to binge something that I truly love.

Finally, there is a Coretex RPG, though I’ve never tried that, and a boardgame, again, which I haven’t tried but have had highly recommended.

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  1. The first I heard about Firefly was the movie. I watched it then realised it was a tv series first. I would’ve gone and binged on the series but well, I wasn’t too impressed with the movie. I’m more of a Trekkie/ Star Wars fan myself.

    • I’m Trek/Star Wars fan too, but as I said in the article, I don’t think they compare. Broadly, yes, they’re sci-fi, but Firefly is more gritty, and though I like Serenity, I liked Firefly more. If you’re stuck for something to watch, then I’d recommend it, or Babylon 5, which is another, different sci-fi.
      Thanks for visiting!


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