Introductions and the A-Z Blogging challenge

Welcome to the blog.
Deirdre and I are going to write a lot about the interesting stuff that crosses our desks as we’re reading, writing, playing and watching, hence the blog name ‘These Our Fandoms’. We’ll be touching on everything from boardgames to the latest TV shows and Netflix or Prime anthologies, books that influence us and more, and share in the geekiness of fandoms.
To start, we’re going to take part in the A-Z challenge, as an introduction to the blog and to get some really neat content up and running. We’re both very excited, and will be sharing some of our favorite things! We hope we touch on some of the things you’re interested in and that you enjoy our blog.
If you’re taking part in the A-Z challenge, comment here and let us know.

About Kai Viola 29 Articles
Kai is a veteran writer with many years of experience under her belt. At 40, she's having a lot of fun being a geek and playing games, and watching all her favorite things and writing about them. When not blogging or researching for the blog, Kai can be found writing her books, looking after the server and generally messing around with the blog and it's envrions. She also formats books and designs apps, knits and has a strong interest in cyber security and info-sec.

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